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  • Cathey Hayes

Bouquets Are Looking a Little Wild

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Photographer: @Rachaelleighphotography Florist: @heirloomfloralandconfections

Pure romance! The non-traditional boho bridal bouquet is uniquely fun and dreamy.

First, think relaxed. The stiff, traditional bouquet has taken off its spandex to cascade and spike. It looks like you have walked the fields gathering all things untamed. Wheat, leaves or feathers are fun touches, especially with wild flowers.

Ah, the flowers. The wilder, the better. Think about mixing with cascading greenery, succulents or dried pieces. Bundle them in wide, trailing ribbon for a carefree look.

And the bridesmaids? A stem of zinnias is just enough, but think about a wristlet clutch with wild flowers that appear to be spilling out. The bridesmaid has a clutch that she can use long after the wedding plus her hands are free to help you during the wedding. And, of course, there is the simple wrist corsage.

Don’t forget the groom’s boutonniere! A wildflower sprig or feather combo will bring cohesiveness to the couple’s look without the formality of a traditional flower pinned to the lapel.

Ceremony site flowers? Go bold and colorful or soft and natural. Borrow Mom's ferns off the porch or add a bucket of sunflowers. Simple. The focus is on the couple and their exchanging of vows.

Photographer @wyethaugustine

Photographer @WildEmberPhotography_NC

Florist @RabbFlorist

Have fun with all things natural! Mix textures and colors to create something that is a reflection of you.

Photographer: @Rachaelleighphotography Florist: @heirloomfloralandconfections

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