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BoHo gypsy styled shoot

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Photo credit: Rose Thao Photography

When Kayla and Meagan came to me wanting to do a styled shoot at the farm I was so excited to see what they could do with our venue. We started renovating the farm about two years ago. It includes a farmhouse and 10 acre property located about 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. The farmhouse is an Airbnb. When I finished decorating it and we rented it out, it was so successful that it made me think about the barn reno.

A few pics of the farmhouse which inspired my barn renovation

Bedroom 2

Photo credit: Rachael Leigh Photography


Photo credit: Rachael Leigh Photography

Our barn was smaller, more intimate. It was old and rustic but boasted charm. It wasn't the typical 5000 square foot open concept barn that holds up to 300 people, but I was determined to make it unique and special just like the house. It literally looked like it came out of an episode of hoarders when we pried open the front doors. I can’t even post a before picture because half my brides would run away if they saw what it looked like before extensive reno. Barn reno? Who does that?!? I did.

Photo credit: Morgan long photography

Photo credit Morgan long photography

2019 was a life changing year for me as I was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis that included six months of chemo, then surgery and radiation. Thankfully it was caught early and I am still here today telling my story. Creativity was all I had to get me through the next 9 months of pain I endured. This farm transformed the most during my journey. Although I didn’t have the strength to do the hard labor anymore, my husband, kids and parents all pitched in to make this dream a reality. They worked tirelessly as I brainstormed.

I wanted a space where I could heal when this was all over.

Photo credit. Morgan Long Photography

I dreamed of running through wildflowers cancer free. I plowed the ground during radiation and people thought I was absolutely crazy. Why would you do that? Aren‘t you tired? Those flowers gave me hope in tomorrow. Hope that one day I would be healthy enough to see them shine. And boy did it ever happen! I had the most beautiful flowers bloom this year when I got the news I was cancer free and it has been a blessing ever since.

Then came Kayla Adams and Meagan. They had all these beautiful ideas and it just made me so excited to finally see this space I had become a reality. Kayla has that “it” factor. You know she is a star from the moment you meet her. She organized this styled shoot and came into my life just as it was supposed to be.

Photography credit: Morgan Long Photography

The Space

The barn is 2400 square feet. Boho was my vibe and it shows. A black and white dance floor complete with a disco ball and dance floor lighting. Handmade farm tables, black chairs and cafe lights run along the beams of the barn. An intimate, romantic feel is what you get when you step foot on the property. When you rent the barn you get the house and barn for the weekend. With over 1500 cafe lights we literally lit up the farm! It’s whimsical and so romantic.

We once had a Boeing 737 try to land a plane out here. He thought it was the landing strip at Charlotte Douglas. It was crazy.....totally kidding! About the plane. Not so much how many lights we have out here. :)

Photo credit: Callaghan photography

We offer two ceremony spots on the farm. A wooded area and a wild flower area. The A frame we used was decorated beautifully with both dry and fresh flowers giving it that perfect boho vibe. Meagan had the vision of boho gypsy and she nailed it. Our wooded ceremony space was decorated with a beautiful peachy backdrop. Oh, and I can’t forget the stars of the show. Jersey and Bingo, the famous cows, made their appearance in the styled shoot. Don’t worry. They are farm to never table cows, despite my husband‘s recommendation to call them hamburger and steak. Not these cuties!

Photo credit: Callaghan photography

Photography credit. Morgan Long Photography

Photo credit. Morgan Logan photography

The two dresses offered @meagankellydesigns were completely different styles, but both were beautiful and complimented the style of the shoot so well. I am always just so intrigued at the uniqueness of her dresses and every last detail. I thought I was detail oriented, what a gift she has! Of course she did have the perfect canvas to put it on. I mean, have you seen these couples?

Photo Credit: Rose Thao Photography

Photography credit. Morgan Long PhotogrSony

Then rolls in the cutest trailer. @greyduckco was there for the win! Not only do they make the best drinks around they do it in a vintage camper that has been renovated. The owners are so cool and fun. If you’re planning a party at Bansen Farms, this is a must, and he offers a special package just for us!

Photography credit: Rose Thao Photography

Photography credit. Rose Thao

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a beautiful Carolina blue sky in June and it ended with the perfect sunset. Through all the pain, there is beauty on the other side. Thanks to the creative minds behind this shoot it became a reality that day. Thanks to all the vendors who were a part of this shoot. It was bigger than just pictures that day for me and we had the perfect vendor team right there in my backyard💗


Venue - @bansenfarms

Design & Rentals - @margaretsmill / @salemleigh

Hosting Photographer - @kaylasadamsphotography

Dresses - @meagankellydesigns

Hair & Makeup - @abbeybradymakeup

Suits - @tuxontrux

Dried Florals - @_tayflower_

Fresh Florals - @thistleandtwigflowers

Wedding Cake - @cplummer2020

Camper Bar - @thegreyduckco

Jewelry - @lindsepark

Couple 1 - @brittahumphrey / @parsons_prestin

Couple 2 - @ivyvictoria00 / @sewall18

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