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  • Allison Bansen

8 Tips On How To Best Get Prepared For A Wedding Day

1. Relax

I know. I know. You hear the word relax and you think, "How am I suppose to stay calm on my wedding day?" You breathe and let someone else take the worries off of your plate. Whether its your event planner, your mom, or a friend. Let them focus on what needs to be done, and you focus on you. This is your special day, that only happens ONCE. You are marrying the love of your life, so this day should be filled with happiness.

2. Have A Coordinator For Your Wedding

This goes hand and hand with being able to relax on your wedding day. As the bride, you do not want to worry about the final touches on your wedding day. Having someone else schedule the flowers, cake, food, etc will help to make your wedding go smoothly. As a bride, not having to worry about the little details will save you from getting overwhelmed.

3. Have A Photographer/Videographer

You may be thinking why both? I took a survey and asked the question, "What is one thing you wished you would have done differently at your wedding?" The majority said that they wished they would have hired a videographer. They loved having the photos to remember their wedding by, but they wanted to be able to relive it again by being able to watch everyone's reaction. Check out the video from a recent wedding on our website! So when you plan for your wedding, make sure you look into hiring a videographer too and see what packages they have.

4. Have A Guest Book/Camera

You want to have something to remember your guest. Your guest can sign a guest book or they can record themselves saying their congratulations to the bride and groom. I personally love this option.

5. Catering Options

This is my favorite part about planning for a wedding. Have you ever thought about food trucks being at your wedding or even a pop up bar! I am currently seeing this becoming more of a trend and I am loving it! Whether you are wanting barbecue, tacos, subs, etc. There are so many out there and this could be a cheaper option! Take a look around your area and see what is offered. They may even do deals depending on how many people are attending your wedding! Also, who doesn't love a pop up bar at their wedding?! Win!

6. Dessert/Cake Options

This can be such a hard decision to make! Whether to do one big wedding cake or a small personalized cake for the bride and groom. I personally love the idea of a small personalized cake just for the bride and groom. Then cupcakes or cake pops surrounding it! This is your day, so remember that when choosing the cake. Check around at your local bakeries to see if they are running in specials for special events like this one. Lets not forget to always taste test them to make sure that you love the cake. This is the fun part!

7. Wedding Invitations

First make a guest list so you know how many people will be attending your wedding. If you are on a budget, why not grab a group of friends and make wedding invitations together! Make this a fun get together and throw in some mimosas! Pinterest will be your holy grail.

8. Budget

The most important tip someone can ever give you. One of the reasons why I placed it last. If you have a budget, stick to it. Write down everything you are wanting for your wedding and make calls. Call around to different wedding venues, caterers, florist, etc. to find places that are within your budget to accommodate your guest. This goes with having a coordinator who will help you stay under budget and keep you on schedule! If you do not want to hire a wedding planner, there are many checklist that you can find online to help you keep organized.

Your wedding day is your special day where you get to marry your significant other and share this special moment with your closest friends and family. This day should be filled with nothing but happiness! Do not let stress overcome you on this day and have fun wedding planning!

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